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In 2011 Zesh created a mobile phone app. Zesh noticed more footballers than ever would choose to move countries, to test themselves on a different stage, but often find language proves to be a big problem. That was before the launch of Football Talk, the brainchild of Zesh, who has overcome several barriers during his career. There are plenty of translation devices designed to help with basic phrases and words. It’s easy to find out how to ask where the bank is, or to understand what you might be eating but not to negotiate contracts, converse with team-mates or connect with fans.

Now though Rehman has put his experience to good use and made it easier for other players who move abroad, including former Liverpool and England striker Robbie Fowler, who joined Rehman in the Thai Premier League.
The app is currently being upgraded and will be back on the Apple store and Play Store soon.

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