In his debut book, Zesh Rehman, achieves the ultimate blend of autobiography and self help guide. Do you want to learn how to take ownership of your life? Look no further. Using his personal and professional experiences across different continents and within an extremely competitive industry, Zesh presents 12 easy to follow guides to help you overcome obstacles, remain focused and excel in your chosen discipline whilst also sharing insights into his journey, through candid accounts and extracts from his personal journal. From exploring his own ‘why’ to overcoming cultural barriers within football and society, to surviving abroad, Zesh uses his learning and positive behaviors guides, to inspire you to take the next step and commit to overcoming your biggest challenges. Setbacks occur in every walk of life, but it’s your attitude and how you react that makes the difference. Goalsetting and journal keeping are just some of the techniques that are explained that you can use to apply to your own unique set of circumstances. Clear examples of how to embrace life and deal with the ever-changing situations that arise are covered in detail as well learning how to remain positive to go over, around or through obstacles. Practical and easy to follow steps that can be used as a road map to long term achievement are outlined. Read it, use it, and win on and off the pitch.

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